The SH550 carved top semi-hollow guitar and SH575 carved top semi-hollow MIDI Synth guitar were in their sophomore year of production, and were huge hits, especially the SH550. These models had no changes for 2009, and apart from a few variants over the years (plain top versions, cedar top versions), would have basically no changes through their entire run, which as of 2022, continues.

The California Carved Top guitars, including the CT and CS variants, were unchanged for 2009. This would soon change, though, as 24-fret models and double-cutaway models would be intruduced in 2010.

New for 2009 was the ST300 (below). This guitar was offered in response to Carvin fans requesting the return of the "ST" body style, which was used on the DC145 model in 1989, and was offered as an option on DC models in the early 90s. However, the decision was made to offer the ST body style as a new model, versus as an option on the existing DC Series. This was just semantics; the ST300 was essentially identical to the DC127, but with the ST body shape. The body shape was improved over the 90s version, with a better waist cut and forearm cut. Despite the public clamoring for this model/option, the ST300 was never hugely popular, but was a good example of Carvin listening to their customers and accomodating them. This scenario would play out in again in 2015, with the reintroduction of the X220; another model that Carvin fans frequently requested the return of.

Carvin ST300

The other DC Series models - the DC127, DC127-12, DC135, DC145, DC400 and the DC400A/W were unchanged from 2008.

The V220 and Ultra V reissue guitars had no significant changes to either model, and were only shown on the catalog Custom Shop information page, pointing the customer to the website for more information on these and other models, such as the AC175 and SC90.

Like the DC Series, Carvin's 7-string DC models, the 2009 model DC727 and 3-pickup DC747 were unchanged from 2008. These models shared space with the Holdsworth models in tha catalog, and there was no longer any mention of Tony Macalpine's TMAC VI and TMAC VII versions, although they were still unofficially available.

Like 2008, Carvin's bolt-on neck guitars, the Bolt, BoltPlus and C66 were unchanged from the previous year, and like 2008, due to space limitations in the catalog, the BoltPlus was not shown in any of the 2009 catalogs. This would be the case for most catalog years for the BoltPlus.

The TL60 was still shown in the catalog, but had been relagated to the insey spot on the SH60 page. It was still a popular model, but there just wasn't rnough room to feature everything, so many long-running models had less emphasis in the catalog than the newer models. The TL60 was unchanged from 2008, and the SC90, which for many years shared a catalog page with the TL60, wasn't shown in any 2009 issue.

Like 2008, the Allan Holdsworth Signature H2 was unchanged for 2009. However, the HF2 Fatboy was upgraded with MIDI Synth electronics; the same as used in the SH575. This new model was designated the HF2S (below), and was available with all the other features and options of the Fatboy guitars. Both Holdsworth models now shared catalog space with the 7-string DC models.

Carvin Allan Holdsworth HF2S MIDI Synth Access Guitar


After the numerous new models of 2008, nothing in the acoustic-electric lineup changed for 2009. The SH60, SH65, SH250 and SH275 were all identical to their 2008 counterparts. Likewise, the AE185 and AE185-12 models were unchanged for 2009.

The other acoustic-electric models - the AC175, AC275 and AC375 were unchanged, and not shown in the catalog at all. The Craig Chaquico Signature CC275 shared a page with the nylong string classical CL450 and MIDI Synth NS1, and none of these models were changed for the 2009 model year.

The imported Cobalt acoustic guitars were unchanged, and continued to be strong sellers.


2009 saw several new items for bassists. The new B40 (below) and 5-string B50 basses replaced the long-running B4 and B5. While these were bolt-neck basses just like the ones they were replacing, that's where the similarity ended. The new models had numerous new features, including a new neck profile, new J99A alnico single coil pickups, and a new Carvin bridge with locking string saddles. A new 18V active electronics module was also offered, and both active and passive electronics had a new control layout, with the knobs (3 knobs on passive, 4 on active) were in a row. Most notably, however, was the new contoured neck heel, which allowed easier access high on the fingerboard. This new heel design would soon proliferate to all of Carvin's bolt-neck instruments.

Carvin B40 Bass

The new SB4000 and SB5000 basses had similar features as the B40 and B50, with a new retro-style body shape, pickguard (in several optional colors) and metal control plate. The pickguard could be omitted, if desired. They also had a new headstock shape, which was also available on the B40 and B50. Passive electronics were standard on the SB4000; active electronics were standard on the SB5000. Both were equipped with new H50A alnico stacked humbuckers, and for the first time, the H50/J99 style pickups were available with cream covers. Another first, an optional metal handguard, was also offered.

All other Carvin basses - the LB Series, XB Series, Icon Series, Bunny Brunel Series and AC Series - were unchanged for 2009, but all (except the AC models) were equipped with the new electronics and could be ordered with the new J99A or H50A pickups.