New for 2010 was the California double-cut models. These combined the style of the original DC150 guitars from the 70s and 80s, combined with the features and construction of the CT California Carved Top Series. The entry-level DC3 had a mahogany neck and body; the DC4 had a mahogany neck and body with plain maple top; and the DC6 (below) had a mahogany neck and body with a standard 4A flamed maple top, which could be upgraded to quilted maple, or any of Carvin's other exotic top woods. Like the reissue DC150 that was offered from 2001 - 2006, the carved top DC models never really caught on; surprising, since the original DC150 that was offered from 1976 - 1991 was so popular. All three carved top DC models would be discontinued in 2014.

Carvin DC6 Carved Top Guitar

Other than price fluctuations (experienced by most models throughout the year, with various sales and promotions), the California Carved Top models were unchanged. These models consisted of the CT3, CT4 and CT6 double-cutaway models, and the CS3, CS4 and CS6 single-cutaway models. The catalog showed a variety of these models with assorted options through the year.

The ST300 solidbody guitar was unchanged. Despite numerous customer requests over the years for the return of the 80s-era "ST" body style, these guitars never really caught on with Carvin customers.

The other DC Series guitars - the DC127, DC127-12, DC135, DC145, DC400 (including the "A" Anniversary and "W" claro walnut variants), and the 7-string DC727 and DC747 models, were unchanged from 2009.

Carvin's bolt-neck guitars, the Bolt, Bolt Plus and Contour C66 all had the new sculpted neck heel in 2010. This was a significant improvement over previous bolt-neck models (including ones from other manufacturers), and would lead to a further improved heel in years to come.

The TL60 was unchanged, and it would be joined by a bolt-neck version, the TLB60 at the end of December (so it wouldn't appear in print until 2011).

The Allan Holdsworth Signature HF2 Fatboy was unchanged. Though not shown in the catalog, the Holdsworth H2 was still available.

Not shown the catalogs for 2010 were the SC90, V220 and Ultra V. Though not shown, all these models were still offered.


Also new for 2010, and debuting in the July catalog, was the semi-hollow double-cut carved top models. The SH445 had an alder body, maple neck and plain maple top. It could be finished in any standard solid color or translucent stain. The SH475 had the same features and construction, with the addition of the same GraphTech MIDI Synth Access bridge and electronics as used on the SH575. The upgraded SH645 had a mahogany neck and body, and standard flamed maple top, which could be upgraded with any of Carvin's exotic woods, such as quilted maple, flamed spalted maple, or flamed koa. The SH675 was the same, with the addition of the GraphTech MIDI bridge and electronics.

The flagship semi-hollow models, the SH550 and MIDI SH575, were unchanged, and were featured prominently as the first models shown in the guitar section of the catalog, with a 2-page spread. These models continued to be very popular, especially the SH550.

The SH275 MIDI Synth Access guitar was still shown in the January and April catalog, and the SH60 and SH65 were shown in the July and October catalogs. The SH250 was not shown in any catalog. None of these models would be hugely popular, but would still be offered - though not heavily promoted - for about 10 years.

The AE185 and AE185-12 would continue to be strong sellers, and were both shown in the catalog with no significant changed from 2009.

The MIDI Synth NS1 and classical nylon string CL450 were unchanged from 2009.

The Craig Chaquico Signature CC275 was unchanged, as was the 12-string CC275-12 (which was mentioned in the catalog, but not shown) were also unchange from the previous year's models.

Not shown the catalogs for 2010 were the AC175 and AC275, AC275-12 and AC375. Though not shown, all these models were still offered.


The passive B40 and 5-string B50 remained Carvin's lowest-priced basses, in their sophomore year of availability. Both basses were passive, but could be upgraded to active, and came equipped with Carvin's J99A Alnico V single coil pickups. Both models also had Carvin's contoured neck heel that debuted in 2009 with the SB Series basses.