Because of all the activity involved in spinning off Kiesel Guitars into a separate entity, there weren't many changes in the actual instrument lineup. The 22-fret Carved Top CT6, CT4, CT3, and 24-fret CT624, CT424 and CT324 were basically unchanged, although a new acoustic bridge option was offered. This would be the last year of the "4" series models, as the "3" series could easily be optioned as a "4" by adding a plain maple top wood. The signature edition Neil Zaza NZ624 was also still offered. Also available was the CT7 and CT74 7-string carved top models. Like their 6-string counterparts, the CT7 was standard with a flamed maple top, and the CT74 was standard with a plain maple top. The CT7 Series would be discontinued in 2019. The 6-string carved top models are still availble to order from Kiesel Guitars, right here.

The single-cutaway CS Series carved top models were similar in construction and features to the CT models, with 22 or 24 fret configurations, and the same 3 (no top wood), 4 (plain maple top) or 6 (flamed maple top) model designations. Like the CT models, they were available with the standard "M" bridge, a tune-o-matic/stoptail bridge, a Wilkinson tremolo or a Floyd Rose tremolo, with or without locking nut. No 7-string model was ever offered. The CS Series guitars are still available here.

The DC600 was a traditionally-designed model, which would eventually replace the venerable DC127. Like all DC models, it was a neck-through instrument, available to order with any of Kiesel's woods, finishes and other options. A signature DC600-based model, the Lee McKinney LPM6, was also available, and featured Lee's custom inlays. There were 7 and 8-string mocels offered; the DC700 and DC800. The DC700 had a standard 25.5" scale length, while the DC800 featured an extended scale length of 27". An extended scale DC700 was also offered as the DC7X, and a 7-string version of the Lee McKinney Signature model, the LPM7, was available. 6, 7 and 8-string DC Series models are still availble to order here.

The classic DC models, the DC127, DC400, DC727 7-string and ST300 were still offered in 2015, but their time was running out, as the next generation DC Series would grow in popularity.

The really big news for 2015 (apart from the formation of Kiesel Guitars as a separate entity) was the introduction of the Vader Series headless guitars. Kiesel had offered a headless model for a number of years, the Allan Holdsworth HH2, but the Vader was significantly different. It sported a much more aggressive body shape, and was available in 6, 7 or 8 string configurations. Initially, the Vader Series was only offered with a Hipshot hardtail headless bridge, but Kiesel would work with Hipshot to develop a headless tremolo that would be used on the Vader Series, Holdsworth headless, and future headless guitars. The Vader Series would prove to be one of the most popular models to ever come out of the Custom Shop, and would receive numerous awards and accolades after its intruduction. The Vader Series guitars are still available from Kiesel Guitars right here.

The popular Bolt and Contour 66 bolt neck guitars were still offered, but not for much longer. By the end of the year, they would be replaced by the Aries 6-string and 7-string bolr-neck guitars. The Aries Series weren't ready for inclusion in the 2015 catalog, and as time went by, and 8-string model would be added, as well as neck-through models and multiscale models.

The Bevel-top SCB6 and SCB7, introduced at the end of 2013, were still going strong. The unique body shape lent itself to all sorts of exotic builds, utilizing Kiesel's ever-expanding range of exotic woods and finishes. Along with the Vader Series, the SCB Series clearly showed the direction the new Kiesel Guitars would be heading in. The SCB6 and SCB7 are still available to order, here.


2015 had a huge selection of acoustic/electric instruments, although many of them would soon be retired to make was for new models. The AE185 and AE185-12 continued basically unchanged since their introduction in the mid-1990s. The AE185 is still available, here.

The SH60 was the last of the 4 acoustic electric models introcued in 2008 the still be available (the SH250, SH275 midi and SH65 midi were discontinued the previous year). It was a semi- hollow model, based on the popular TL60, with traditional styleing and standard F-hole. The SH60 would be available for one more year, but would be discontinued at the end of 2016.

The AC275 and Craig Chaquico Signature CC275 were unchanged, other the addition of new finishes and woods that all models had. The 12-string versions of both were also still offered. The AC versions would be discontinued at the end of 2016, but the Craig Chaquico models continue to be available to this day, right here. Though not shown in the catalog, the AC175 was still available, but it would also be discontinued in 2016.

The true acoustic AC375 was unchanged from previous years, and would continue to be part of the Kiesel lineup until it was discontinued in 2021.

The CL450 classical was still available, and was unchanged. It would be discontinued in 2016.

The MIDI Synth NS1 also had no significant changes, and would continue to be a popular option for MIDI guitarists. It is still a part of the Kiesel Guitars lineup, and is available here.


The passive LB20 remained Carvin's lowest-priced bass. The catalog showed a Pearl Blue LB20F fretless, with white fretlines on the fingerboard. Behind it is the standard LB20 in Classic White with matching headstock. Base price on this was $519.