Carvin's California Carved Top models, the CT6/4/3 and CS6/4/3, and their 24-fret counterparts, were unchanged for 2013. Same with the popular SH550, SH575, SH445, SH475, SH645, SH675 and Frank Gambale FG1. What was new in the carved top department was the introduction of the CT7 and CT74 7-string carved top models. Both models had an alder body and maple neck (versus the standard mahogany body and neck of the 6-string versions), and the CT7 had a standard flamed top, while the CT74 had a standard plain maple top. Carvin's M Bridge was standard, and a licensed Floyd Rose was also offered. Active A70 pickups were standard on both, with C26 humbuckers optional. A new 4 X 3 CT-style headstock was standard, and the pointed 4 X 3 could also be optioned.

Carvin California Carved Top CT74

With these new models, Carvin retired the Sperzel locking tuners that had been standard on almost all models since 1992. The new Carvin-branded locking tuners had a 19:1 tuning ratio, and were available in chrome, black and gold - however, in a welcome change among most Carvin customers, the finish was brights, versus the satin brushed look of the Sperzels. With the exception of the CL450, kits and some of the bolt-neck guitars, the new Carvin locking tuners would become standard on all guitar models.

Carvin Locking Tuners

With the exception of the new Carvin locking tuners, all of the DC models - the legacy ST300, DC127 (and DC127-12), DC135, DC145, DC400 (including A and W variants), DC727 and DC747 - as well as the new DC models DC600, DC700 and DC800, as well as the Jason Becker tribute JB200C and JB200SC, were unchanged from their 2012 models. Also unchanged, the SC90 and TL60 were represented in the catalog throughout the year.

The bolt-on neck models - the Bolt, BoltPlus, Contour C66 and TLB60 were basically unchanged. The upscale C66 had the new Carvin locking tuners as standard equipment, while the other models (and the kits based on these models) had Carvin-branded non-locking tuners, but the locking tuners were available as an upgrade.

The Allan Holdsworth Signature HH1 and HH2 headless guitars were unchanged in their sophomore year, and had quickly become very popular. The Holdsworth HF2 Fatboy was unchanged, and appeared in the catalog, while the H2, also unchanged, was not shown in the catalog.

The V220 and Ultra V were still available, but were not featured or even mentioned in any of the 2013 catalogs.


As had been the case for a few years, nothing significant changed with Carvin's acoustic-electric guitars in 2013, with the exception of the discontinuation of Sperzel locking tuners in favor of Carvin's own locking tuners. The AE185, NS1, CL450, SH60, SH65 and CC275 were all represented throughout the year, and the AC175 and AC275 was mentioned and shown in single issue each, but with no write-up. There was no space for the SH250, SH275, or AC375, which were still available. Regardless, there were not changes for any of these models, other than the new Carvin locking tuners, and any new finishes or woods that were added.


The new PB4 and PB5 bolt-neck basses took the classic styling similar to a P-bass, and married that to Carvin's USA-made craftsmanship and extensive list of options. Standard features were an alder body with maple neck, SB-style headstock (later renamed the Classic headstock), and Carvin locking bridge. Like the Bolt guitar, pickguards in different colors were also offered. The new SCP split-coil pickup used an Alnico V magnet, along with vintage plain enamel wire for a great bass tone. The standard configuration was a single SCP with passive electronics, but either model could also be ordered with active electronics, and with a single coil JVA bridge pickup. The new JVA pickup also used an Alnico V magnet and vintage plain enamel wire, in a shell identical the the classic J99 pickups. The SCP and JVA pickups were both standard black, but could also be ordered in cream.

All other bass models - the Brian Bromberg B24 and B25; the bolt-neck B40 and B50; Icon IC4, IC5 and IC6; LB Series LB70, LB75 and LB76 (plus the A and W models and XB extended-scale models); and the Bunny Brunel BB70, BB75, and BB76 - were unchanged from 2010. Additionally, the acoustic-electric AC40 and AC50 remained the same.