The Model #6-SGB, Model #3-SGB, and Model #1-SGB were all identical as their 1959 counterparts, down to the catalog representation and pricing. Additionally, the non-adjustable pickup models were also still offered, and were also unchanged from the previous year. For complete details on these models, see the 1959 page.

The Model #1-MS guitar/mandolin doubleneck and the Model #4-BS guitar/bass doubleneck were the same as 1959, including specifications, pricing and catalog photos. Non-adjustable pickup models were also still offered.

The Model #6-B Spanish guitar was unchanged as well, but had a new catalog layout. It was still offered in several configurations, both electric and acoustic.

Curator's Note: The below 1960 catalog cover illustrates the work involved in showing many of the old catalog pages presented here. Fifty or sixty years ago, most people did not keep catalogs, and some of years show here are extremely rare, and some - like this one - are severely deteriorated, requiring meticulous reconstruction to get them back to their nearly-new condition.


Carvin's steel guitar lineup was unchanged from 1959, except for the Model #6DHG-5B and Model #8DHG-6B, which were both discontinued. The other models retained the same pricing and other details as their 1959 counterparts.

The Model #1-MB mandolin was also completely unchanged for 1960.

in 1960, Carvin offered the #V-11A electric violin, which was originally shown in the 1958 catalog. The instrument itself was German-made, with an acoustic transducer-type pickup with volume and tone controls added by Carvin. Although innovative, this would be the last year this item was offered. Price on the #V-11A was $109.90.


The Model #7-BG bass was in its second year of production. Like the '59 debut model, it was a 25 1/8" scale model, constructed from maple with a bolt-on neck with rosewood fingerboard. It also had a single AP-4 adjustable pickup in the neck position, with a single volume control and two tone controls. The price on the #7-BG was $119.90. It was also offered as the #8-BG, which was the same except it had a non-adjustable pickup. Price on the #8-BG was $109.90. The #2-BG hardshell case was $19.90.